Here are your frequently asked questions about SiteCare answered:

General Overview
  • What changes can we expect?
    We’ve only changed our moniker, logo, and email addresses.  There are no changes to our fees, billing intervals, phone number, services, or staff.

  • Is the company under new ownership?
    No, the company did not change ownership.

  • Do I have a new point of contact at SiteCare now?
    No, your points of contact will remain the same. All staff and support email addresses have been changed to instead of Emails sent to will continue to be delivered.


  • Will my credit card be billed differently?
    No, your card will continue to be billed by Southern Web, LLC on the same recurring intervals as always.

  • Should I make my check out to SiteCare?
    No, please continue to make your checks payable to Southern Web, LLC.

  • What email address should we direct questions to?
    You can now contact  If you send an email to, it will forward it to

  • Has the mailing address changed?
    Our mailing address remains:
    2472 Jett Ferry Road, Suite 400-322
    Atlanta, Georgia 30338